You create it, with your hand you design it, with Lightshark you make it come true.

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LS 1

Simple. Powerful. Easy to use, you just need your intuition to get started.

LS Core

The smallest console in the world that gives you more, for less.

LS Wing

Versatile. Complete. Compatible with everything.

LS Nodes

Configure, manage, store. Big power in a compact format.

LS Accessories

Safely transport your console and work in comfort with the new Lightshark accessories

LightShark's Video tutorials now exceed the 100 Mark

This exceptional resource, which can be accessed via the LightShark Website, is helping lighting engineers understand all the features and functionality of the LightShark range. Now supported by more than 100 video tutor ...

LighShark conquers Dubai.

lighShark range took centre stage at EXPO 2020 in Dubai when it was used in both the Spani ...

lightShark already has its own brand identity.

lightshark, our award winning range of multiprotocol control products for the entertainmen ...

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