LS Wing

A multiprotocol control surface with exceptional versatility.

Compatible with any AV device or software on the market. With anyone.

LS wing is a multi-protocol, multi-functional control surface that can control almost anything and can also be remotely triggered or controlled from external devices.

OSC & UDP Programmable controller. You can control almost all devices over Ethernet, such as lighting controllers, media servers, or multiprotocol controllers.

   4 modes, one solution

Decide on the functionality that suits you best. With LS Wing you choose.

Find your way of working with the LS Wing. A device that adapts to you to give you the best performance where you need it most.

Tablet holder

Combined with an LS-1, the LS.wing provides an aditional tablet/computer holder to increase the number of screens of your lighting system. It can holds a device with up to 13" scree

20 executor buttons

When Used as an OSC or MIDI console all buttons are programmable to control whatever you want and when is used as a Lightshark wing these buttons are automatically configured as executor buttons. All are RGB backlighted to match the configuration of your console

10 playback buttons

If used as a LigthShark wing these buttons are preprogramed as playback buttons

10 Pause buttons

If used as a LigthShark wing these buttons are preprogramed as Pause buttons

10 Faders

Each Fader is fully configurable when OSC or MIDI modes are confgured and with Lightshark Wing mode is just the fader extension of your console

10 Flash buttons

If used as a LigthShark wing these buttons are preprogramed as Flash buttons

Strong Aluminium Frame

LS Wing is very portable with strong enclosure but also ergonomics that makes easy to handle. The strong aluminium frame offers protection and ergonomics at the same time.


Lamp Port
Look what you do in low light conditions using this Lamp port with 3pin XLR Connector to plug the Lightshark compatible LED light LLG from our accessories range
2 DMX Universes Built-in ArtNet/sACN Node
LS Wing has a built-in ArtNet/sACN node with 2 DMX outputs that extends your LS-1 or any console with 2 direct DMX outputs with 5-pin XLR connectors
3 port GigaBit Switch s
LS Wing has a built-in 3 port GigaBit Switch to extend your network configuration
USB hub
2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-B to connect your console to MIDI software in your computer or direct connect to LS-1

Charge USB Port
Keep your smart devices full of battery thanks to this 5V2A USB port
TrueOne power connector
Use the strong and relaiable TrueOne connector to plug and play without power switch.