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Lighting Control

Total Control.
Create your Lighting shows easily and quickly

You create it.
LIGHTSHARK makes it happen

LIGHTSHARK Series is the new Lighting Consoles generation can work from any smart device such a computer, phone or Tablet with an independent DMX512 engine with faders and encoders

A new concept

for Lighting Control

LIGHTSHARK has transformed lighting control systems, combining the versatility of software solutions with the ergonomics and ease of use of a hardware console.



Discover our hardware product range. Power and control with a simple, clear and intuitive interface that allows the user to achieve full functionality in short time.


Simple. Powerful. The award-winning hardware lighting console

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LS Wing

Versatile. A command wing for LS1 & Media Server Player, all in one.

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LS Core

All the power in the smallest Lighting Console in the world.

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LS Nodes

Size small, big performances. Much more than a Node.

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LS Accessories

The accessories for your LIGHTSHARK products.

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8 DMX universes

4096 channels to manage a complete show.

Fast Programming

Avoid repetitive tasks through fast and agile Lighting Programming.

RGB & CMY Colour Selector

One click for high accuracy.

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Integrated FX Motor

A powerful FX Motor that includes more than 20 effects.

10 Main Playbacks

10 Faders to shoot playbacks.

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Web-based, compatible with any operating system. Installation without drivers.


Open support for a range of protocols, including DMX512, ArtNet, sACN, MIDI, UDP, OSC and HTTP.

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Extended Memory

Allows programming up to 1200 Cues.

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Integrated Web Server

Instant loading of tabs in the client web browser.

Configurable User Palettes

Create and customise unlimited user palettes.

20 Virtual Playbacks

Manage up to 30 playbacks in total.

Submaster FX Size & Speed

Highest precision in effect control.

Executors customizable window

Quick triggering of Cues.

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Multi-touch UI

Multitouch user interface.

MIDI Support

Connect to any MIDI Device.

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Quick access to Fanning function.

Internal Event Scheduler

Useful for installations and architectural applications.

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